“I take the holistic approach to all of our productions,”  said Leilainia.
 “I like to engage all the senses of my audience.”


Read the many testimonials from fans, musicians, dancers, clients, artists and passers by.


san diego magazineLeilainia Penix is a finalist in San Diego Magazine's Women of the Year 2012. She is honored to be recognized as a leader amongst the prestigious group of female entrepreneurs in the San Diego community. Leilainia is co-owner of Nomad Artz / Backgroud Productions and half of the world renown Shimmy Sisters.

Leilainia and her husband Gabriel help culture thrive through the arts. Their two companiesNomad Artz and Backgroud Productionsgather talented people who inspire and entertain. The dynamic duo organize and manage events, produce stage shows and arrange ambient entertainment. Leilainia and hersister Adelaide inspire by thier authenticdance perforamnces as The Shimmy Sisters.

San Diego Magazine's Woman of the Year award recognizes dynamic women who work to create positive change and contribute to the community. Celebrate with this year's inspirational nominees over hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and the 2012 Woman of the Year presentation.

Join San Diego Magazine and Leilainia Penix September 18, 2012 at the La Costa Resort and Spa from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. A portion of ticket sales to benefit Center for Community Solutions.

Thank you San Diego Reader for listing me as a top
"100 Reason to Love San Diego". I'm honored:) "RENT A MERMAID"

rent a mermaid san diego

"I hired Leilainia to help me prepare for an audition and it was the best choice I could have made for my career and my art. Leilainia came in and immediately put me at ease with her sensitive and personable nature. She has an innate understanding of how to connect with her students and bring out their latent abilities. Using her intuitive awareness, she was able to tap into what I needed to develop my art further and spark the creative fire inside me. By the end of the hour I was dancing with passion, joy and immense pleasure. She guided me into making the shift between merely doing the moves into finding the depth, story and soul of the dance. I got the role I wanted and I know that Leilainia was a vital force in making that happen." ~Zoe Tantrum (of The Tragic Tantrum and Zoe Tantrum Productions) 6/2011

Leilainia,every time I work with you and your performers,I come away with new knowledge of heart and soul - You are a gifted lady and a treasure. Thank you to all your performers for the added depth and dimension to Cheri and Roger's Wedding Celebration! -Laney (Elaine Graybill) 5/2011

"Between Leilainia's tradition-leaning sultriness and Adelaide's daring edginess, you can see why Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Williams, the judges on NBC's "America's Got Talent," passed them along to the next round."-Doug Pullen, El Paso Times and MediaNews Group

Her dance isn't just about moves. It's about the spiritual connection each dancer finds within themselves. - Beach & Bay Press

Read full Washington Post Article: One of Leilainia's favorite benefits of belly dance is "it allows women to love their bodies the way they are." But do enough of it, and those bodies are bound to change.-EXPRESS in the Washington Post (Page 19):

"Once again you wowed the crowd at our Caltrans Diversity Day. You grow more intriguing and so so BEYOND BEAUTIFUL every time I see you. You are so lovely and charming. You truly must be a muse." - Joey York 10/14/09

"Leilainia's class was not simply a lesson in belly dancing, she had us get in touch with our emotions and express them through creative movement and colorful personal expression. So many of us are out of touch with the infinite wisdom our bodies possess and with the flowing presence of our emotions, which are both dying to be expressed. This class helped me get in touch with some emotions that I hadn't visited in a while and allowed me to experiment with their expression in a completely non-judgmental and supportive environment. The class also allowed me to move past some blocks in my confidence and self-expression as Leilainia encouraged all the women in the class to find our inner flirts and allow them to come out and play. I believe there is important growth to be had in self-confidence, expression and embodied wisdom in Leilainia's classes. In short, women need these classes ASAP!" - Korrie Kashuba

"I could NOT have done [our event] without the Amazing Shimmy Sisters!! Who knew two + years ago when I saw you perform at a show that I would be blessed enough to have you perform at my very own event! You all are the best and I am absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed the party! I look forward to definitely working with you again!"-  Shirley Llamado-Qualcomm, Inc.

?"I just had to let you know how much you moved me as you danced, Leilainia, you are intriguing, fascinating, captivating, enchanting, and magical! Thank you so much for your energy." - Hector - The Samba Pimps

"The Virgin Unite Rock the Kasbah Party Oct 23, 2008 was the very first time I had a chance to work close to you...and I loved every minute of it! You are so beautiful, you move so gracefully, you have such a beautiful presence, your spirit glows all around you, what a completely inspiring energy you have! As the performer, you are the one moving on the outside, but as the spectator, I was totally moved on the inside. Watching you dance is a profound, soul nurturing experience...and I was awakened by it." -?Celine?Thibodeau ?about? Leilainia

"Bellydancing Business Women" Shimmy Sisters Featured in Dance San Diego Magazine March 2008 ! Read Full Article!

"Leilainia's dance defied the laws of gravity and pushed the limited of imagination." - Heart Magazine. Read Full Article.

" Green eyes lowered, she floats across the floor with an increased momentum, as if her motion dictates the music. Faster she moves, the crowd begins to clap with the increasing beat as she spins energetically, all the while smiling – her eyes twinkle with sincerity and laughter. She loves this – the crowd, the music, the dance." - Article written about Leilainia by Jennifer Thompson. Read Full Article.

Greeting from Iraq from Ray Hicks- "Every time I am in a gift shop I think of you all. And the few performances I was fortunate enough to see. (Rosies, Portugalla, and winston's) Is there anything I
could get you from over here that you can't get in the states? I carry your business card in my ID badge and let me tell you , the Shimmy Sisters are a big hit over here with both the soldiers and the local Iraqis. When I describe the dance of the candles and the swords , they know exactly what I am saying despite the language barriers. I can't wait to get my dvd of you to show them that American girls belly dance too. Hope to get back to San Diego someday to see you guys and galls again."

“You are stunning. We all can't stop talking about you! Thanks for making our evening so over the top! “ Jennifer Zuffinetti

Leilainia,Adelaide and Company were an absolute hit at our party! The music was awesome and the "Shimmy Sisters" put on a incredible show that was professional and jaw dropping beautiful!!!This ensemble is an absolute MUST at your next event!!Burhan&Renee Oral
Rancho Santa Fe,Ca.

Gaslamp Quarter Stage Saloon 3/22/09 Performance: "I just wanted to personally thank each and every one of you for being so awesomely amazing and welcoming me the way you did. You are all beautiful artistic people that possess your own unique talents. I feel very inspired and happy today since our gathering last night. It was truly my honor to be able to vibe with you guys and collaborate. I was a little nervous at first because I have been out of the loop with dance but everyone there was supportive and accepting of one another. So thank you for being you and staying true to love compassion and art. Lastly I just wanted to say, I have never met a group of friends that are all equally talented in their own way. Its amazing to see you guys feed off one another and nurture one another’s art. You all possess your own special powers and to see it all mixed together it is truly and art that cannot be mimicked. So… Hats off to you all. round of applause… BRAVO!!!!" - Annie Martin (AKA Eliza)

I always love working with Nomad Artz because I can always feel confidant in their professionalism and imagination.- from Magi Productions (Light Rain, Doug Adamz)

Nomad Artz is the best entertainment organization we have ever worked with.  When Nomad Artz is handling your entertainment needs, you have no worries what so ever.  They are easy to work with and their performers are real pros,  They are very responsive to our needs.  They are extremely creative and are able to do whatever we envision with our events.  Every time we use them, we get compliments like crazy.  Do yourself a favor and use Nomad Artz for your next entertainment function.  You'll be glad you found out about them.  - Patricia Medici, Director - Hal Marcus Gallery

"She embodies the true essence of a dancer. She is graceful and makes the music become an extension of herself while executing beautiful presentation."

“Leilainia is truly mesmerizing, her unique and exotic looks are coupled with her sensual and spectacular dance performances make her one the finest performers! I would highly recommend her for any event that you have in mind, she will leave them with a lasting impression…”
- Alexandra Rosa, Executive Producer, ART ROCKS! Internet Radio, Nov. 2004

"Her experience in various dance styles & five years of acting training, gives her a theatrical romance. She captures audiences of all ages."

You performance was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING at our Wedding!!  I wanted to thank you so much!  Everyone could not stop raving about your performance!  Also, the dj was wonderful at the wedding as well ...thank you for your recommendation!  Wonderful! Thank you!! - Allie and John Rubey

I was invited by Greg to Ishtar Rising, and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the performance. I was blown away.  The soloist [Sabrina] had such control over her body and the audience that I felt like she stopped time. I literally felt like I was in the "Matrix".  And Leilainia’s sword dance was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. I can't believe that she could dance so expressively while at the same time balancing those swords Thank you so much for sharing your art. It really transported me somewhere exotic.  The live music, drumming and dance were a great combination.  - S.L.

"As I mentioned at the time, your dances at Alma were truly wonderful (particularly that solo)...Really!!....I've spent my entire life since my early teens studying and teaching movement & martial arts and I wouldn't bother to say that if I didn't mean it. Good Work!!"- Chris Luth, Tai Chi Master


Great Job last night!! You both raised the energy level & put on a great show. My sister is a dancer, so I was forced to go to many dance shows. The green costumes were cool. You both are raising the bar as far as belly performances go. The part where you [Leilainia] dance & Adelaide try's to cut in front of you is always funny - how many belly shows have humor?
-greggorio shedlik Photographer at Rosie and Joe’s Show Sept 2006


Thank you so much for the amazing show that really dazzled all our guests. The show was very beautiful and highly professional. You were all stunning. As you are a great dancer, it was a pleasure doing business with you. - 7/21/06 Wedding


What a beautiful day and experience it was. I thought I died and went to heaven with thirteen belly dancing angels! The drumming and music was non-stop fun... You were the hit of the parade.  I have spoken to many people and you were there favorite entry!  - Coronado 4th of July Parade 2006


Leilainia, All I can say is WOW!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You are so graceful and you look the part of "the beautiful, mysterious, graceful dancer who moves like liquid smoke." You nearly took my breath away, Leilainia. You were meant to do this. Just in case I haven't made myself clear enough, I AM DULY IMPRESSED. Thank you for being who you are and doing what gives you joy. Passion is what makes our lives worth living and you radiate that-not just when you dance-but in everything you do. – Chris Kesler, holistic healer

Thank you so much for making my best friends Bridal Shower so entertaining and unique.  I had so many compliments about how the girls enjoyed themselves tremendously and it was the best shower they have ever been to.  Your performance was amazing and we had a blast with the Belly Dancing lessons (even from the Bride and Groom's mothers).  However, the spiritual circle you created with the bride, family members and bridesmaids was one of the most heart warming events I've ever experienced.  I will highly recommend you for any Bridal Shower (or event) I attend or give in the future.  Thanks again!!!- Sandi M


t I wanted to let you know what a great show you put on for my Birthday party!  It was PERFECT!  Everyone loved it.  - Kim Grant, AIA

Hi Leilainia,  Just want to thank you. I really enjoyed working with you and your sister. You were both very charming and beautiful as well as being talented expressive dancers. Also very easy to work with! I hope Doug [Adamz] can put together another show with all of us again sometime, it was a good group altogether! – Evan Morgan, musician


I have never seen Leilainia dance w/that snake before; wow, so impressive! You all looked great and sounded great as well!


Leilainia and Adelaide,  I had fun watching you guys perform Saturday evening. It was nice seeing a different style of belly dancing. I really loved the sword and snake dances.  I have never seen a snake dance before so I thought that was really cool!  I'll see you guys soon. - Estrella Rangel


It was a delight meeting you, Leilainia. A more expressive dancer, a more feminine woman, would be difficult to imagine. - Best regards, Bill Amatneek/ musician


I really loved your class, Leilainia. I expected it to be with more focus on fitness, but it had more technique than all classes I took in the past. No one had ever taught real gypsy style before! I really enjoyed it. You are an artist at heart. Thanks! - J.O.


Hey Leilainia! I loved your show at Ishtar Rising! You guys are great! I really loved your performance. I take dance and I really appreciate when people have good choreography. You guys really accented the music with your movements and I loved your use of props. I'm looking forward to checking you guys out again. Keep up the awesome work! Much love. - Miles Davis

"I would like to express our gratitude to you for performing at out Yoga for Hope 2004 evening reception. From the minute you began your performance, everyone was amazed at how graceful you danced and made the music become an extension of your very self. The whole time you had a smile on your face as well, and thus it is clear how much you enjoy your dancing. It was beautiful presentation, and all the clapping of those in attendance made apparent how truly glad they were of the opportunity to watch you. The evening would not have been the same without your presence." - - Mark Lagace, Assistant Director of Development for City Of Hope, San Diego Regional Office, April, 2004

The Rhythm of Middle Eastern Dance. Listen to Leilainia's live interview on Art Rocks Radio.

"Thank you, again, for performing at my party. You were a hit."
- Diana Rodriguez regarding a performance for her sister's 21st birthday.

"It was a delight meeting you, Leilainia . A more expressive dancer, a more feminine woman, would be difficult to imagine." - Best regards, Bill Amatneek/ musician

"I really loved your class, Leilainia. I expected it to be with more focus on fitness, but it had more technique than all classes I took in the past. No one had ever taught real gypsy style before! I really enjoyed it. You are an artist at heart . Thanks!" - J.O.

"For me going to Leilainia`s class is entering a different world. Her class is one hour in a world where nothing else exists - just you and the dance. Leilainia taught me not only dance moves, she showed me a new way of expressing myself and feel beautiful inside and out. I`ve been going to her classes for over 3 years and still feel more excited waiting for the next class."
Ina Dimitrova - Bellydancer of the Universe 2009 Veil Category

“I am thankful that you are in my life. You are a wonderful teacher and your enthusiasm and joy of the dance are truly magical. You were born to be a bellydancer and I love to see you dance. Your amazing beauty is matched by your beauty of spirit.” - Thalia

"[Your class] challenges me to use my body in a much more controlled and elegant way than I am used to. Thank you for being an inspiring teacher."


"Thank you so much for the wonderful show you put on!  You and your sister Adelaide were amazing... and the band, second to none!  I loved the sword dance, and had a blast attempting to mimick your moves." - Jaime, Audience member at Jan 21, 2006 showcase at Chai & Chat





"I am an artist and professional dancer. Dance is not a hobby for me. It is me."- Leilainia

What people are saying:
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, thrilled, intriguing, fascinating, captivating, enchanting, magical, beautiful presence, your spirit glows, inspiring, profound, soul nurturing experience, defied the laws of gravity and pushed the limited of imagination, It really transported me somewhere exotic, raising the bar, beautiful and highly professional.You were meant to do this. Charming and beautiful as well as being talented expressive dancer. A more feminine woman, would be difficult to imagine. an artist at heart,mesmerizing, her unique and exotic looks are coupled with her sensual and spectacular dance performances make her one the finest performers! I would highly recommend her for any event.

"It was so awesome to connect with you at the party! Your soul shines like a beacon through your eyes. Your presence, poise and style totally lit me on fire!!!" - Paulo Mattioli