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  • Shimmy Sisters Featured in Dance San Diego Magazine March 2008 ! Read Full Aricle!

  • Leilainia, All I can say is WOW!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You are so graceful and you look the part of " the beautiful, mysterious, graceful dancer who moves like liquid smoke." You nearly took my breath away, Leilainia. You were meant to do this . Just in case I haven't made myself clear enough, I AM DULY IMPRESSED. Thank you for being who you are and doing what gives you joy. Passion is what makes our lives worth living and you radiate that-not just when you dance-but in everything you do. - Chris Kesler, holistic healer

  • I have never seen Leilainia dance w/that snake before; wow, so impressive! You all looked great and sounded great as well!

  • “Leilainia is truly mesmerizing, her unique and exotic looks are coupled with her sensual and spectacular dance performances make her one the finest performers!  I would highly recommend her for any event that you have in mind, she will leave them with a lasting impression…”
    - Alexandra Rosa, Executive Producer, ART ROCKS! Internet Radio, Nov. 2004
  • "I would like to express our gratitude to you for performing at out Yoga for Hope 2004 evening reception. From the minute you began your performance, everyone was amazed at how graceful you danced and made the music become an extension of your very self. The whole time you had a smile on your face as well, and thus it is clear how much you enjoy your dancing. It was beautiful presentation, and all the clapping of those in attendance made apparent how truly glad they were of the opportunity to watch you. The evening would not have been the same without your presence."
    - Mark Lagace, Assistant Director of Development for City Of Hope, San Diego Regional Office, April, 2004
  • The Rhythm of Middle Eastern Dance
    Listen to Leilainia's live interview on Art Rocks Radio.
  • "Thank you, again, for performing at my party. You were a hit."
    - Diana Rodriguez regarding a performance for her sister's 21st birthday.
  • " Green eyes lowered, she floats across the floor with an increased momentum, as if her motion dictates the music. Faster she moves, the crowd begins to clap with the increasing beat as she spins energetically, all the while smiling – her eyes twinkle with sincerity and laughter. She loves this – the crowd, the music, the dance." - Artcile written about Leilainia by Jennifer Thompson.
    Read Full Article.
  • It was a delight meeting you, Leilainia . A more expressive dancer, a more feminine woman, would be difficult to imagine . - Best regards, Bill Amatneek/ musician
  • I really loved your class, Leilainia. I expected it to be with more focus on fitness, but it had more technique than all classes I took in the past. No one had ever taught real gypsy style before! I really enjoyed it. You are an artist at heart . Thanks! - J.O.


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