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Leilainia is a second-generation dancer. She combines Egyptian Cabaret, Gypsy and Tribal belly dance to create a new visual allure to her performances. She performs for private & corporate parties, Middle Eastern events, interactive performing arts exhibits, restaurants, weddings, belly grams, music showcases, fashions shows, bridal showers, workshops, belly dance galas....

Leilainia is known for her extemporaneous performances, Isis wings, veil work, mesmerizing snake dance and intense sword work.

This, combined with her five years of acting training, gives her a theatrical romance, which captures audiences of all ages.

She embodies the true essence of a dancer. She is graceful and she makes the music become an extension of herself while executing beautiful presentation.

"Existence to me is a carnival, it is just a festival. It is for those
who know how to dance. And the dance need not wait for tomorrow - tomorrow never comes - the dance has to be now, here, this very moment. This very silence has to become the dance!"
- Osho

"As I mentioned at the time, your dances at Alma were truly wonderful (particularly that solo)...Really!!....I've spent my entire life since my early teens studying and teaching movement & martial arts and I wouldn't bother to say that if I didn't mean it. Good Work!!"- Chris Luth, Tai Chi Master

"I just had to let you know how much you moved me as you danced,
Leilainia, you are intriguing, fascinating, captivating, enchanting, and magical! Thank you so much for your energy." - Hector - The Samba Pimps



- Certified Yoga Instructor 2008- present
Certified / Licensed Massage Therapist 2004 - present
- Troupe founder of The Shimmy Sisters 2005- present
- Belly Dance Instructor 2002- present
- Published Journalist 1999 - present
- Belly Dance Performer 1982 - present

Leilainia has studied with international belly dance stars such as De Ann Adams, Amaya, Sandra Catena, Bert Balladine, Judith Ann Marcus and Mesmera.

You are listining to "Majesty of Dawn " by
Jitano & The Desert Prophets.

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